Good priming has a significant impact on the final quality of the product. The choice of primer and priming method depends on how the product will ultimately be used in practice, the basic material from which the product is made and the paint system. NTS Finish has a series of immersion baths used for, among other things, degreasing, pickling, zinc phosphating and passivation.

NTS Finish also has an iron-spray phosphating installation for degreasing and iron phosphating ferrous metals and for cleaning non-ferrous metals and plastic products. In addition, NTS Finish can assume full responsibility for and arrange to have specialist processes carried out externally, including anodising, chromating, electrophoresis coating, nickel-plating and galvanising.

Immersion baths

Degreasing, pickling, zinc phosphating and passivating ferrous metals
Degreasing, pickling and chrome(VI)-free passivation of aluminium on the basis of chrome(III).

  • Maximum product dimensions: 2800x900x900 mm (LxWxH)
  • Minimum weight per charge: 750 kg
  • Washing lane for large products

4-Zone iron-spray phosphating installation

Degreasing/iron phosphating of ferrous metals
Cleaning of non-ferrous metals and plastic products

  • Maximum product dimensions: 3000x1000x1800 mm (LxWxH)
  • Load: 150 kg / 3-m traverse beam.
  • Power & Free transport system, line speed: 1.5 m/min